Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eternity Travel - Mission Statement

Well, while originally Eternity Travel was launched as a service to exchange references about positive travelling experiences within a tiny group of like-minded friends, we soon realised, that there is a larger issue at stake - a lot more people have similar challenges finding decent accommodations and things to do when travelling for fun.

And here we proclaim our Mission Statement:

"Eternity Travel - Making Life Easier for the Travelling Crowd"

Our Strategy:

Create free public directories of places to stay and things to do which:

1. Are based on fee listings (ALL destinations should be listed!)

2. Display direct contact information (no intermediaries, please!)

3. Driven by customers - not businesses (no sensorship of our opinions!)

Business Model:

Since we are not accepting payments for listings, nor we receive commissions from booking agencies, we are going to rely on advertising (open ad networks - no special arrangments!) and donations.